Life is Short, Enjoy Your Coffee

This weekend was scattered with thunderstorms, so sadly our outdoor options were limited. However, I am much more willing to take a little rain than the blizzard we all missed back at home!

Burleigh Markets

Saturday morning we went to Burliegh Heads to check out a few areas recommended by a friend back at home who previously studied here. Our first stop, after quite the complex Uber ride there, was at Burleigh markets, held Saturday mornings in the Burleigh Heads State School. It had a cute market atmosphere, with many stands of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, arts & crafts, and gourmet foods. Though small, it was an enjoyable artsy and local-inspired atmosphere.

James Street

Our next stop was James Street, an iconic place to visit in Burleigh, lined with shops of fashion, food, drink, health, and beauty. We chose one of the many café’s, and enjoyed quality Australian coffee. After walking around the area, we actually realized that it was approximately the same area that we explored at night. We headed up towards Burleigh Heads National Park, and on our way stumbled upon a small surf competition taking place on the coast. With storms threatening there wasn’t a great turnout, but still a classic Australian event to stop by and experience for a few minutes! We checked out the trails at the park quickly before the rain hit, then headed back to Bond.

Mocha & Almond Croissant on James Street

Mocha & Almond Croissant on James Street

Center of Cafe area on James Street

Center of Café area on James Street


Surf Competition

Surf Competition

Burleigh Head National Park lookout by the water

Burleigh Head National Park lookout by the water

Sushi Train

Later that evening we tried a sushi nearby restaurant called Sushi Train that was suggested by a local. It was definitely our favorite sushi restaurant so far! We spent the rest of the evening looking at options for our trip to Bali. It was a fun day of exploring, and we managed to make it  between the raindrops!


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