Week #1

The first week of classes was a bit of a stressful and confused blur, because I’ve had major issues trying to get my schedule finalized. HOWEVER, as of Thursday I officially am enrolled in the proper classes, and hopefully it will be easier here on out. Other than the enrollment situation, everything else has been great! Some highlights of the week:


Tried out some gym classes, went to Strength and Yoga in the evening, then met some friends for a casual get-together afterwards.


Lots of classes and still lots of confusion getting the proper classes sorted out.. more updates to come when I’m adjusted to my class schedule! The school rented out nightclub Vanity in the evening and hosted a “Illegally Bond Wild West” party. You can definitely tell the Australians apart from others because they are WAY into dressing up for theme parties, love the spirit!


Checked out Blackboard Coffee in the morning for milkshakes and breakfast, definitely a place I would recommend to others. Their eggs benedict looked AMAZING. A friend and I explored Market Square in the evening and ate at the HUB café, and met some friends to discuss potential travel plans afterward. Still getting adjusted to the schedule and when I have free time outside of classes, but each day one or two more things get set in order.


Opposite of at home, I actually don’t mind 8am classes here at all. It might be a little early, but I’d rather have the rest of the day to explore. After my Thursday 8am a few friends and I went to travel agents at the mall to get estimates on trips throughout the semester. It was helpful but overwhelming because we all want to do everything (obviously) but have to pick and choose. A bunch of us have booked a weekend trip to Sydney for Mardi Gras (SO EXCITED), and are working on putting together a longer trip to Bali. I’m hoping to take a weekend trip to New Zealand, as well as a bunch of local excursions. Also, I was able to get my class schedule sorted out, a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. For anyone going abroad, pro tip, make sure your schedule is completely done prior to arrival (including the things that need to be taken care of outside of your control, such as administrative tasks). Later that night we went to the White-Out party at Don’s!



Later that night I also had a dream (nightmare?) that my mom had come to pick me up from Australia, like she would at the end of a normal school semester. However, it was only two weeks into the semester (around now), and I was nearly crying saying because there were so many things I had left to do for the rest of the semester and I could NOT leave yet. It was so reassuring to wake up and know I have the majority of the semester yet, and I plan on doing some incredible things!

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