Easter Abroad

For the holiday weekend, we didn’t have class on Monday, and since my last class finishes at 2pm on Thursday, I had a long Easter weekend to relax and enjoy! A good number of my friends traveled to Cairns, but since I will be visiting there with my mom later on, I stayed in Gold Coast.

Friday(‘s never work)

On Friday we spent the day soaking up the sun at Burleigh beach, where I also tried an acai bowl for the first time! For those of you not informed of this delicious meal, it’s essentially a blended acai base of berries, with granola and fresh fruit, sometimes other added items like shredded coconut or more fruit. Along with fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, acai bowls are very common around this area. An another note, it’s pronounced ah-sigh-ee.

It was a lovely day relaxing on the beach, and after heading back to campus we decided to have a barbeque at one of our friends apartments. Due to it being Good Friday, most businesses were closed, and every other Friday that we have tried to have a fun evening out, it has coincidentally just not been that eventful. Friday evenings don’t seem to be as popular here as in the States, so we decided to make a tradition (with what’s left of the semester) of having a cookout and enjoying some pool and hot tub time on Friday evenings!

Currumbin Rock Pools

The following morning my friends and I had a similar get together, and met at a different friend’s apartment to make a breakfast of pancakes, fresh fruit, and coffee. Enjoying homemade breakfast on the balcony was a great way to start the morning!

Later that afternoon, I visited the Currumbin rock pools, a natural swimming area about a half hour from campus. There are several swimming areas connected through the rock formations, some more shallow or deep than others, as well as a small rock jump and picnic areas. Although it was starting to get later in the day, and cooler with the prediction of rain, it was definitely still a check off my Gold Coast bucket list. I can imagine the area being very enjoyable (but probably crowded) during a hot summer day!

If you happen to be following my blog, you may remember a post I wrote about exploring Currumbin near the beginning of the semester. If not, refer to my post titled “Adventures in Burleigh & Currumbin”. Moral of the story, we hiked down a mountain with the intent of ending up at the rock pools (with little and vague direction), and eventually decided to head home when they seemed too far out of sight and sunset was approaching. As it turns out, if we had crossed the bridge near the small park we were in, then walked five minutes to the left and around the corner, we would have been there. Ironic looking back on that day, but appreciative that I eventually figured out where the rock pools were located, and got to enjoy them!

Currumbin rock pools

Currumbin rock pools

This morning a couple friends and I went for brunch in Broadbeach, then spent most of the day enjoying Easter Sunday (procrastinating) by baking Easter cookies and having a movie night. Monday I spent just about the entire day studying in the library, then joined friends again that evening for a movie night. Although this weekend was not all too eventful, it was an enjoyable weekend taking in the beach culture and relaxation of Gold Coast. With the next few weeks bringing finals exams and multiple group projects and papers, it was a great weekend of preparation!

Sunday brunch at Lola's

Sunday brunch at Lola’s

Easter cookies

Homeade Easter cookies


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