A Successful Semester

I’m starting off my last official Australia post by saying that I’m not quite sure what to say. After a week at home recovering from jet lag, catching up on appointments, unpacking, and repacking for my summer internship, I’m still finding it hard to believe that my semester has concluded. While I’m incredibly excited to start my internship and begin a new exciting chapter of my life, I’m equally sad to be writing the last chapter on my semester in Australia. I feel so overwhelmed with the things I’ve learned and gained and experienced abroad, that I don’t even know where to start in wrapping it up.

Have Dreams, Will Travel

The past four and a half months have enforced that I love traveling. I also am very satisfied that I kept blogging throughout my time abroad, and have even decided to create my own personal blog for future travels! In total, I visited three countries and 12 major cities, took 13 flights, and spent approximately 77 hours on an airplane. Every experience I had brought new faces and new places. I also made many connections with people from all across the world that I now have the opportunity to stay connected with. Spending a semester abroad has reinforced my beliefs that studying abroad is a fantastic way to become a more knowledge person, get to know yourself and others better, and discover a love for trying new things. I encourage anyone who has this opportunity to follow their dreams.

Friends & I during the last week abroad

Friends & I during the last week abroad


Since as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to visit Australia. I’ve always thought it would be amazing, but it truly has exceeded all my expectations. Generally, Australian’s are very knowledgeable with world news, and very observant on how different events affect different countries. While major cities are a little more upbeat, most of the country is relaxed and their work ethics humane. Although costs of living there are higher overall than the average in the US, the benefits are also larger, and their way of life is less stressful. It was great to about the Australian way of life, and get to live it for a little while!

The spirit of Australia

The spirit of Australia

I very much hope to make it back to Australia at some point in my future, but I feel like I am already left with a lifetime of beautiful memories. The most incredible thing for me is that I filled my semester to the MAX exploring, travelling, and checking things off my bucket list, however there were still many things left undone. I definitely did as much as physically possible, however there are just so many amazing opportunities throughout Australia. I had a life changing experience abroad, and until next time (there will be a next time), I’m left to say Cheers, mate!



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